Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Beautiful Region of Marche, Italy - May 2009

Taking advantage of a speaking invitation in San Marino, the Achilli family and I spent the weekend in the beautiful region of Marche (for more information about this area, see MARCHE). The Achilli family own a small vacation home in the hilly village of Penna San Giovanni. This is a great place because it is on a hill (about 2000 feet in altitude), but only 30 minutes drive from the beach and 30 minutes from the mountains. It is also a place for great eating experiences and for relaxing. We started on Friday evening, when we stopped in a great restaurant in Porto San Giorgio, right on the beach. The restaurant name is Lo Storione. We could only manage to eat the apetizers and the pasta dishes... Here are some snapshots:

Agritourism "L'Antico Gusto" di Penna San Giovanni (MC)

Space for children to play with the backdrop of the beautiful Marchigian hills


...and AFTER!

The restaurant

Appetizers (round #1)

Appetizers (round #2)

Lunch at "Il Fiorentino" (Citta' di Castello, PG) - Appetizers

Lunch at "Il Fiorentino" (Citta' di Castello, PG) - Homemade noodles with black truffles

View from my bedroom in Penna San Giovanni, MC

Walking around Penna San Giovanni, MC

"Downtown" Penna San Giovanni, MC

Restaurant "Lo Storione" in Porto San Giorgio, MC - Seafood appetizer #1

Seafood appetizer #2 - Prawns

Seafood appetizer #3 - Mussels with tomatoes sauce

Seafood appetizer #4 - Code di Rospo

Seafood appetizer #5 - Sea snails

Seafood appetizer #6 - Fish tripe

Seafood appetizer #7 - Steamed mussels and clams

Seafood appetizer #8 - Mussels "au gratin"

Pasta dish #1 - Homemade noodles "allo scoglio"

Pasta dish #2 - Homemade gnocchi with white Marinara sauce