Friday, June 26, 2009

Firenze and Perugia (Tuscany and Umbria), Italy - June 2009

During my last week in Italy, I was invited by my good friend and colleague Alessandro Achilli to a quick trip to Florence (Tuscany) and Perugia (Umbria). I think it is needless to say how beautiful the countryside and these two cities are. Everyone should get a chance in their lifetime to visit them. I can't wait to take Jenna and the kids there (maybe next year?). The purpose of our trip (at least my part) was to meet with the ancient DNA people at Dr. Caramelli's lab in Florence (with whom we have a number of collaborative projects) and a lecture at the faculty and PhD students of the Life Sciences department at the University of Perugia, where Alessandro has a position as a researcher and instructor.
The trip was the crowning experience of my two months in Italy, the last required stay for my PhD three year PhD program. We were on the road most of the time, but we had some very productive time both with those who we met as well as discussing plans for the next few months. Moreover, we had some of the best food Italy has to offer... and that is always good!

B&B Mille Soli (Perugia)

B&B Mille Soli - Surroundings

A centenary olive tree

"Il Rifugio" restaurant - Caprese Michelangelo

Pecorino cheese with black truffles

Homemade egg noodles with Porcini mushrooms

Crostoni with cheese and Porcini mushrooms

Crab meat with cheese and black truffles

Bread crumbs soup with Porcini mushrooms

Bread crumbs with cheese and black truffles

Agnolotti with meat filling and black truffles