Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Joshua's Cooking!!!

My little Joshua.... How proud I am of him!! Following in his father's footsteps with his desire to experiment (or "play" as Jenna refers to it) in the kitchen. Here is his very first recipe, found in a children book: Bell Pepper Fantasy! He was sooo excited when he discovered that we actually had the ingredients in the refrigerator to make it:

- One green bell pepper
- One red bell pepper
- One carrot
- As much Ranch salad dressing to fill a bell pepper!

Cut the top of the green bell pepper and remove seeds (kind like a small bucket). Fill 3/4 of it with the Ranch salad dressing. Cut the carrot and the red bell pepper lengthwise in small sticks. Place inside the Ranch salad dressing. Enjoy!! Thank you Joshua!! You are quite the little chef!

Photo by Joshua


  1. Way to go Joshua! Future chef...

    And I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Sorenson. It seems there have been a lot of deaths as of late, both prominent and close to home. It makes me grateful for the Gospel and the peace it brings.