Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Dinner 2008

The traditional Christmas dinner at the Peregos started at about 3pm. This year we had the pleasure of being with our good friends and neighbors Jeff and Vauna Stam and Treena, as well as Jenna's sister Julia and her family. Here is the menu we all enjoyed:

Toasted bread with walnuts spread
Toasted bread with sea-urchin meat (see photo)
Italian cold meats (prosciutto crudo, pancetta, salame di culatello - see photo)
Shrimp cocktail (Italian style)

Risotto with safron and sausage
Ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach filling with butter and sauge sauce
Large rotini pasta with cream and smoked Italian bacon (pancetta affumicata)

Pork roast
Turkey roast
Baby carrots sauteed in butter

Christmas treats from Italy (gianduiotti with pear filling, hazelnut cookies, soft chocolate covered torrone, marzipan treats)


  1. Your nativity video was precious and very funny :) What a feast you had for dinner! I love the multiple courses, so different from how we eat here with one giant food overload. I would much rather slowly enjoy each course and get to enjoy the company of those I'm eating with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The video is awesome. And I am so hunting you down on Facebook!