Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ristorante Al Focolare di Maddi in Fontana di Papa (Ariccia, Roma)

If you ever happen to drive on the Nettunense (the road that connects the road Appia to the cities of Anzio and Nettuno where the US troops landed to fight the Germans during WWII), you might want to stop at the Ristorante Al Focolare for a great meal experience. Maria Elena Achilli is the owner and cook and the restaurant features a number of Roman and Marchigian dishes. Their specialties are the appetizers, their home made pasta and sauces, and the grilled meat, particularly the ABBACCHIO SCOTTADITO (grilled lamb), which is one of my favorite entrees. I am lucky enough to live in close proximity to the restaurant so every time we have guests, we love to take them there for a great Italian eating experience. The restaurant is open only for lunch, with two evenings open for dinner (Friday and Saturday). It is recommended to call for a reservation and to check on their schedule (+39 06 937 4131) although the place can accommodate 130 people inside. If the weather is nice, it is great to eat outside where there are a few tables between the shade of the trees. They have internal parking and a small kids playground. The address is Via Piani di Santa Maria 93 or Nettunense Km 12,800 in Fontana di Papa (Ariccia, Roma).

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